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GSUSA purple kaleidoscope trefoilAt Girl Scouts, girls have the chance to step up on the ladder of leadership and shine, and earn awards along the way! When they’re learning something new – and learning about themselves – they’ll discover their own way to the top. We believe every experience should be wow-worthy. In everything we do, we encourage girls to follow the fun, do what they love and find unique adventures that lead to self-confidence. Start the adventure now – come to one of our upcoming Sign-Up/Join Us events! Adults, too, can choose their “wow” experience from a number of options. Whether it’s a troop, group or other way of participation, there’s something for everyone in Girl Scouts!

If you are unable to come to an upcoming Sign-Up event, you can choose to fill out our Interest Form and someone will contact you. 

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No events currently scheduled. Please check back soon for updates.