Gift of Caring

Hometown Heroes


For years, Girls Scouts across the country have used Girl Scout Cookies to show their appreciation for men and women in uniform. Many Girl Scouts choose to send cookies to U.S. troops overseas through Hometown Heros. We'll deliver the cookies to the USO who will ship them overseas to make our military smile!

For various reasons, some customers do not want to buy cookies for themselves. With Gift of Caring, they have a chance to give to others while supporting Girl Scouting at the same time. Use this Hometown Heroes cookie cover as a display at your cookie booth to encourage customers to buy a box for the USO. This wrap fits a box of Thin Mint cookies. Just cut it out and wrap it around a box of thin mints. Display this custom box at your booth sale to inform customers about the program. Create a Gift of Caring drop box where customers can place their donations, so customers can see the donated cookies stacking up!

Community Service Project


The Gift of Caring program is a nationwide community service project in which all girls can participate. Here at Girlpatch_gift-of-caring Scout Council of Colonial Coast, we call our program Hometown Heroes. Before the Cookie Program begins, the troop decides which charitable organization or service group in their community, they would like to recognize as their Hometown Heroes. Customers pay for boxes of cookies to be donated to the troop's chosen Hometown Heroes. These organizations range from family and children shelters to day care centers, nursing homes, food banks, hospitals and military organizations such as the USO, etc.

The blank (first) column has been added to the Order Card for the Gift of Caring packages. When taking orders, the girls may ask their customers if they would like to purchase additional package/s of cookies as a gift to USO or for their troop's chosen charity. The number of boxes sold will be applied towards the girls' final total sales.

Q. Can the girls add the Gift of Caring sales toward their recognition and troop proceeds?

A. Yes, the donated Gift of Caring boxes will count as regular boxes sold. They may also be applied toward troop proceeds and the individual girl recognition, if applicable.

  • When entering the girl's initial and additional orders in eBUDDE, enter the number of Gift of Caring packages on the G of C column.

  • Payments for Gift of Caring sales must be collected as ordered.

  • At the end of the sale, the troops deliver their Gift of Caring cookies to a USO location or their charitable organization they have chosen to help.

  • The Council Communications Department would like to be informed of the donations your troop is making. The donations make great stories for the media. Please contact the Communications Director at least ten working days prior to the date and time of the cookie deliveries to your chosen charitable organization. You may call the Communications Director at (757) 549-0836 or (800) 77SCOUT, Ext. 1258 with your delivery schedule.

  • A girl must sell twelve (12) or more boxes for the Gift of Caring and must be paid in full on the due date.

Print the Gift of Caring Poster to help track your sales!