Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie is Here!

Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast is happy to bring you Digital Cookie! Girl Scouts are able to sell Girl Scout Cookies online this year through the Digital Cookie Program. It's a simple process that will lead girls to more success!

Girls use a template to create a custom website with a photo or video, a few statements about their goals and their package goals. Then starting Janaury 10, 2015, girls will be able to send a link through a blind email address within the Digital Cookie Program or on social networking sites such as Facebook. When a customer visits a Girl Scout's custom website, they can order cookies by the variety or choose to donate cookies through Operation Cookie Care Package.

In addition, the Digital Cookie Program will walk girls through the steps needed to earn a Cookie Business badge.

How Do Customers Get Cookies?

Customers will have the cookies shipped to them and the cost will depend on the boxes ordered. No girl deliveries can be scheduled through the Digital Cookie Program.

Can the Girls Earn Any Rewards?

Yes! All sales through the Digital Cookie Program will count toward our girl reward lineup. In addition, if a girl sends out at least 12 emails through the Digital Cookie Program, she will receive a special patch commemorating her participation in this revolutionary program.

What Does This Mean for the Troop?

Every sale from the Digital Cookie Program will automatically update eBudde – meaning there's no extra work for our volunteers.

How Does a Girl Scout Sign Up?

Information and details will be shared with girls and their families through their troop cookie coordinator.