Annual Council Meeting

2015 Annual Council Meeting and Awards Luncheon

The annual meeting of the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast was held on February 7 in Hampton at the Hampton Convention Center. Along with the induction of new board members, the meeting included an address by guest speaker Betty Shotton, a Girl Scout alumna and author of Liftoff Leadership. She is also the founder and CEO of Liftoff Leadership, an organization dedicated to leadership excellence.

Council delegates who attended the 2014 National Council Session/53rd Convention that took place in Salt Lake City, Utah last October were also asked to report to the membership.

An awards luncheon followed the meeting where Council and Girl Scout nationally recognized awards were presented to select adults.


Council Leadership
Top L–R: Claire Winiarek, Francina Harrison, Carolene Goodwyn-Harris: Vice-Chair, Catherine Magill: Treasurer, Rhonda Barbosa and Marsha Riibner-Cady Bottom L–R: Scott Taylor, Barbara Tierney, Marisa Porto, Tracy Keller: CEO, Cheryle Mack: Chair, Carolyn Pittman and Lara Overy


Betty Shotton and Megan Barnes
Guest speaker Betty Shotton and Megan Barnes, a former Gold Award recipient and current member of the Council's Advocacy Committee

Award Recipients

Dorothy Barber Lifetime Achievement Award
annualmeeting_tracy-keller_betty-hoover_20150207This award is the highest adult award presented by the Council and recognizes lifetime dedication to making a difference in the lives of girls and offering outstanding service to Girl Scouts.

GSCCC CEO Tracy Keller with Betty Hoover, this year's recipient of the Dorothy Barber Lifetime Achievement Award.

Thanks Badge II
thanks2_delevay-miner_20150207This award honors a previous Thanks Badge award recipient who has continued to provide exemplary service in a leadership role which resulted in a measurable impact benefitting the entire Girl Scout Movement.

DeLevay Miner, this year's recipient of the Thanks Badge II.

Thanks Badge
The Thanks Badge honors an individual whose ongoing commitment, leadership and service have had an exceptional, measurable impact on meeting the mission-delivery goals and priorities of the entire Council or the entire Girl Scout Movement.


Pictured from left to right: Dina Crewe, Rebecca Bonnell (for Sandy Hunt), Jessica Richardson, Mei Stukes and Toni Taylor

Honor Pin
The Honor Pin recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE); this service has had measurable impact on two or more geographic areas of service to reach and surpass the mission-delivery goals of the Council.


Pictured from left to right: Beth Aberth, Susan Buchy, Amy Gary, Laura Hart, Louise Schaeffler and Carol Watkins
Not pictured: Kevin Wilkinson

Appreciation Pin
  • Sharmaine Alexander-Riggins
  • Marie Arvelo-Perez
  • Mara Bates
  • Sarah Branch
  • Victoria Louise Cole
  • Aimee Downie
  • Cristin Emrick
  • Carolyn Engler
  • Marisol Garcia
  • Nancy Hansson
  • Catherine Hardy
  • Stacey Hempfer
  • Chantaye Johnson
  • Laura Lilly
  • Elycia Lindsey
  • Heather Megargee
  • Kasey Miller-Tevis
  • Karen Mix
  • Elaine Murphy
  • Michelle Robertson
  • Shannon Sixby
  • Angela Tawes
  • JoAnna Taylor-Wilson
  • Barbara Tierney
  • Sharon Zummo

President's Award

Service Unit 646–Azalea Gardens
Norfolk, Virginia

Delegate Information

As part of our policy-influencing process, members 14 years and older may serve as Council delegates and participate in the Council democratic process. Delegates are the communication link between Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast girls, volunteers, community networks and board of directors. As a delegate, you are entitled to elect representatives on the Council's Board of Directors and National Council Delegates.

Service Unit Delegates are members of the Girl Scout Movement that reside in a Service Unit within the Council's jurisdiction who are voted by their Service Unit to be the conduit through which matters of governance are understood and communicated and to represent the Service Unit with one voice. Delegates shall serve a term of one (1) year or until their successors are elected. Delegates may serve no more than three consecutive terms. Terms of office shall begin at the time delegates are elected.
Service Unit Alternate Delegates are members of the Girl Scout Movement also residing within a Service Unit in the Council's jurisdiction who are voted by their Service Unit to stand in place of the delegate and assume their responsibilities (including voting rights) should the Service Unit delegate not be able to carry out their role during a specified period.
National Delegates represent Colonial Coast and cast votes at the Girl Scouts of the USA National Convention, held every three years. Nominations are made prior to the Council's Annual Meeting. National Delegates are elected at Annual Meeting and participate in training and preparations prior to attending the National Convention.