A Place For Girls

APFG_FrontA Place for Girls is the headquarters and program center of the Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast. It is located in Chesapeake, Virginia and officially opened its doors in 1996. The center is situated on 9 acres of land and features a performing arts room, a crafts room with a kiln, industrial kitchen, a fun room for troop sleepovers and specialty workshops, a conference area, a fitness trail and a nature center referred to as "The Outback." A summer day camp also operates in the center.

In 2010, the addition of an annex program building ("The Lodge") and a pool were added to the center complex. Rooms at A Place for Girls, including the space at the The Lodge, may be reserved by volunteers and community groups with advance reservations and fee payment.

The Lodge

A Place for Girls Pool

Outback Canoes

Outback Nature Trail