Organize an Event

If you are planning an event, consider using these tips and make sure all guidelines and safety checks are reviewed. Enrichment workshops are offered at different times of the year by the Council's volunteer services department which includes a variety of topics, such as event planning. Course listings can be found in GO! Great Opportunities.

Where do you begin? Here's some help to get you started on the planning process.

  • What is the overall theme or topic?

  • What age group and how many girls will participate?

  • How many adults do you need and what role will they play?

  • What resources and supplies do you need?

  • Could you use a special interest volunteer to help? Contact the volunteer services department for a possible referral.

  • How much time will the event take?

  • The keys to leadership: How can you incorporate Discover, Connect, and Take Action into the activities?

  • Safety: Are there any safety concerns for this activity or event? Review Volunteer Essentials.